Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Create An OpenELEC USB Install Stick Using Windows,MAC OSX & Linux

This part is for users with a Windows computer.
You should have a file that has a .tar file extension. This file contains the OpenELEC installer files. You'll need a program that can extract the files from this file, I'd suggest you use WinRar (mainly because it's free) so get it here then extract the files from the archive.


Once the files have extracted, enter the folder you extracted to and you should see lots of files and folders. The file we're most interested in is create_installstick.bat which will create an installer USB key.
Doubleclick create_installstick.exe (or create_installstick.bat)
Insert your installer USB key.
Note: This will wipe the USB drive! Be careful to not have any important information on it.
Now, double-click on the batch file and you should get a new window appear.
Note: If you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7, administrator rights are required. If your current account needs elevating, before the above window appears, you'll be prompted by windows' UAC:
Simply click 'Yes' to continue.
After a quick check in My Computer, I can see my USB key is E (my CD-ROM drive is D). So I enter the following and press enter:
The installer now creates the bootable USB stick:
After around 20 seconds, it's finished:
Have a look at your USB key in Windows explorer quickly - you should see the following files if all has gone well:


Note: Your USB stick needs to have been named OPENELEC, if it is not the case after running the script, rename it manually. 

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