Wednesday, 18 March 2015


This part is for users with a Mac OSX computer.
You should have a file that ends in .tar. This file contains the OpenELEC installer files. You'll need a program that can extract the files from this file. OSX native archive utility can do this (double click the archive). If you have problems, use keka.
With the file extracted you will need to open terminal and enter the extracted folder. An easy way to do this is to type cd followed by a space, then to drag the folder onto the terminal window. For example:
cd /Users/chewitt/Downloads/OpenELEC-ION.x86_64-3.2.4
Then hit enter. Next we need to execute the script as root using sudo (superuser, admin)
Note: This will wipe the USB drive! Be careful to not have any important information on it.
sudo ./create_installstick_osx
The script will ask you confirm the /dev/disk for the USB key. It runs with root privileges so please be careful with your selection! Once the target device has been confirmed the script will erase and repartition the USB key, install files needed to make the USB key bootable and then install them. It should take no more than a minute to complete.
For reference, the output from the script should look similar to this:
*                                                                              *
*              Welcome to the OpenELEC Mac OS X Livestick Creator!             *
*                                                                              *

INFO: The following drives are available to create the OpenELEC USB on:

/dev/disk1 *2.1GB

INFO: Please enter the target device (e.g. /dev/disk1): /dev/disk1

   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:                                                   *2.1 GB     disk1

WARN: Continuing will erase all data from /dev/disk1, continue? (Y/n): y

INFO: Erasing existing partition schemes on /dev/disk1
INFO: Creating MBR 'OPENELEC' disk on /dev/disk1
INFO: Creating partitions
INFO: MD5 checksums for SYSTEM and KERNEL match
INFO: Copying SYSTEM and KERNEL files to 'OPENELEC'
INFO: Copying syslinux files to 'OPENELEC'
INFO: Creating syslinux.cfg on 'OPENELEC'
INFO: Checking filesystem on /dev/disk1

INFO: Livestick USB creation is complete!

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